Bra Sizes – How to Determine Your Bra Cup Size?

Bra sizes may vary depending on the standards used by different countries or even manufacturers. The most common bra size pattern is a combination of a number, indicating the band size, and a letter, indicating the cup size. An example of such a bra size would be "32B". Bra sizes may even vary between bras labeled with the same size but of a different brand as some manufacturers label larger band sizes as being smaller to increase their appeal. There are several ways to measure a bra size, some more complex than others. before we begin, you should first make acquittance with a few basic terms.

Band Size

The band size is the size of the bra band around a the torso. The easiest way to measure the band size is by using a measuring tape.How to measure a band size While keeping the measuring tape parallel with the ground, measure around the torso right under your bust. Now round the number up - if that number is even, add 4 inches, if the number is odd, add 5 inches. Important Note: When using our Bra Size Calculator you do not need to add those extra inches to the band size, the calculator will do it for you.

Bust SizeHow to measure a bust size

The bust size is measured by using a measuring tape yet again. Keep the measuring tape parallel with the ground and measure around your torso right over the nipples.  

Cup Size

In order to determine the cup size, we need to calculate the difference between the bust and the band size.  This method is not fool proof but it should give you the right idea about your cup size. Subtract the band size from the bust size, remember - when measuring bra sizes manually you need to add 4 inches to the band size if it even, and 5 inches if it is odd. The difference in size will be a good estimation of your cup size. Please reffer to the following table: Example: If the band size (after adding the correct number of inches) is 32 and the bust size is 35, your cup size should be "C". 35 (bust size) - 32 (band size) = 3 --> "C"
Bust Size - Band Size Cup size
in inches U.S. U.K./Australian International
less than 1 AA AA AA
1 A A A
2 B B B
3 C C C
4 D D D
6 F or DDD E F
7 G or DDDD F G
8 H FF H
9 I G I
10 J GG J
11 K H K
12 L HH L
13 M J M
14 N JJ N
15 O K O

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